A note of gratitude

Dear and beloved O’Brien family

Today is María José’s last day at home, but that will only be her physical presence because her heart will still be present in your home.

We, as her parents, have no words to thank you for the hospitality and love she received during these two months. Only with such a special family and with the help of God, María José could have an experience as beautiful and enriching as the one she had.

Thank you Lori and Gary because you were true parents to her, you supported her, protected her and helped her solve any big or small problem she had during these days. The care you gave her and the dedication to her, made us feel that she was as good as if she were with us, especially on the days that she felt lost as if she had no way out. Thank you from our hearts.

Thanks Cailyn because Maria Jose knew what it was like to have a sister, thank you for accompanying her the first days from her school and for sharing the day to day and making her feel that she was not a visitor, but a member of the family.

To Kendra, thank you for sharing with her and teaching her that despite being as busy as you are these days, there is always an important place for the family and to share all together. It’s something we hope Maria José will do when she grows up.

And to Shelbey, a special affection for being so present in the days of Maria José. We wish you much happiness in your marriage, may God bless you and allow you to form a home as beautiful as the one you have had.

We leave all of you a part of our heart, full of gratitude to God for allowing us to meet a family so loving and full of values where Maria José could learn and share these days.

If some day you would like to come to our country, we would be delighted to welcome you to our house.

With all our affection and appreciation

Camilo and María Cristina


Sad face from Maria as she leaves for the journey home