Staying in touch with students

Speaking of forming a connection – this University of Toronto  student Xingcheng Zhu arrived from China, and stayed with our host for only a month in 2018.   His host, Wilfred Malakas writes:

“The first day he arrived, he asked if he can call us uncle and Auntie.  He loves to cook and would help my wife when she cooking and even helped with the dishes.  He was very respectful and loved talking with us after dinner.  He even showed us his grades when he was done with his studies.

This the kind of letter that made us more appreciative in hosting foreign students, hopefully helping them out and making them comfortable staying far away from their home. ”



Dear uncle and aunts, how are you? It’s almost a year since I left Toronto. A lot has happened in this year. I’ve changed my major. Now I study automation. When I went to Toronto, it was my first time to fly. One month in Toronto, it was my first time to go so far away from my hometown. That experience really made me different. Now I am more brave and willing to travel alone and go out to see the vast world. Not long ago, during the summer vacation, I visited many places  in China alone with my bag.I met many interesting things and people.

Thank you for your previous care, I really think I am very lucky to meet you on my first overseas trip. And I think of my life in Toronto from time to time. I think of you. I hope you can be happy and spend every day without sorrow. Smile more. I think this is the greatest happiness.

by Tony . sent from Hangzhou.