Student Check ins

As our team makes the check in calls to their students, they have been heart warmed by the reaction that they have been getting.    Each member has been assigned certain students, and speaks to them every day, getting to know the student a little better each day.

The calls begin with routine questions, such as:

  • What are you doing to fill your day?
  • What are you eating?
  • What is your routine?
  • Are you able to talk to your friends?
  • How are you doing that?

and so on…Now these calls have turned into interesting conversations, and some members have given their students special “tasks” to keep them engaged.

“I have made my second round of calls. I have been adding a task – homework for each student. I have been asking them to ask a question at dinner that everyone can answer. Today’s question is: What is your favourite Movie?  I am expecting them to have an answer to that question tomorrow when I call. Then the student can be instructed to find that movie and watch it.

Some examples of the feedback from our team members about their phone calls:

“He is able to spend more time on his hobby. When asked he shyly told me he was an artist and was drawing. I asked for him to share and again shyly he said he would when he was finished!”

From student – “I facetime with my parents everyday and told them CHN checks on me everyday. We are very grateful”
“I was wondering when you were going to call”
Some students are now picking up on the first ring.
– contributed by Kim Moore, Student Check in Team