Sweet gestures of appreciation

Everyone has a language of appreciation that resonates with them – whether it is through gifts, words of appreciation, acts of service, quality time or physical touch.

Our host Carole Mace shares a heartfelt letter from her students written to her; and another host, Margaret Holder, was brought to tears when she received a surprise visit from her long time student who is still in touch with the family.

The letter reads:

Dear my lovely host family,

It is hard for us to express how grateful we feel to be in your house.   You have given us the most enjoyable time since the day we moved to Canada.  We felt so appreciated that we chose you guys to be my host family.   Living with your family made us feel like we had a second home.  Also, we felt so luck to have meals cooked by Carole every day, as well as perfectly steak cooked by Brian on the weekend. (You guys gave us a feeling of eating in a 5-star restaurant 😉 Kitten and Andy brought us so many relaxing moments too.   Spending time with you helped me learn many things from Canadian culture, and Carole’s life lessons which will be helpful for our future jobs.

Thank you so so much!

We love you all Carole, Brian, Jessie, Kitten and Andy

Linh and Phuong


Margaret Holder writes:

My first ever high school student Luis Diegmüller from Germany ganged up with my kids and showed up at my home to surprise me.   Almost gave me a heart attack when I saw him, I was speechless nonetheless.   The kid made me cry because I never expected this. He and my kids planned this surprised very well because not once did I ever suspected anything.   He spent his Easter vacation with us.   He insists he’s part of our family and messages me every single day.