Taking a break from hosting after 20 years!

After 20 years of hosting students, our family has decided to take a break.  It feels so weird to say that – it’s almost like leaving a 20 year old job, and it feels like the family deserves a retirement party!  This decision is mostly based on the fact that my soon to be 15 year old son still shares a room with his 12 year old brother, and now really wants his own room.  The only extra room we have is the students room.   I feel it is time, so, I promised him his own room when he started high school  on September 1, 2019.
I also feel with 2 teens and one fast approaching teen, I need to really focus on just being their mom through this roller coaster part of their life….I just don’t have much time left with them – they grow up so so fast!  My husband and I will definitely host students again in the future, when a few kids have flown from the nest and the house is a bit more spacious.
I loved doing this.  It has brought many rich blessing to our home we have had the privilege of meeting so may wonderful people.   Over 175 people have lived in our home, ranging in age from 13 to 68, from 17 different countries, from as long as 2 weeks to 14 months.  We have had married couples, and siblings also stay together with us, and we had the privilege of meeting a few parents too.
We are in touch with about half of the students and many have come back to visit, and always pop by to say hello and share a dinner.  We have a photo album diary for every student who has ever stayed with us, with the exception of four students.   Our first was a male student from Korea – his Canadian name was Philip, which I helped him pick out.   I will also never for get our last student, a wonderful woman named Nellie from Brazil who is with us now.
It has been a great experience and it will feel a bit different and empty. I will miss the anticipation of that first meeting at the airport.  The wide eyed stares of excitement when they see so many new things. Everyone lined up at the door waiting for the student’s arrival.  Their first homemade Sunday pancake breakfast with syrup.
At least will have all these awesome memories.   Thanks again, will definitely  contact you in the future.
Glenda Bott. and family.