How do you select the student that you introduce to us?

CHN maintains a database of diverse host families. They tell us their interests, lifestyles, hobbies, preferred hosting relationships, and even dietary restrictions. When students and visitors apply to our programs, they complete similar profiles. With this information, we are able to match the student to a host family for a mutually enjoyable relationship. In addition:

  • CHN relationship managers are available to meet with students in person, to discuss their questions or concerns and if necessary, introduce them to one of our cultural and linguistic counselors.
  • CHN invites each student to evaluate their homestay experience and reviews their evaluations with each host. Our successful experience in arranging suitable matches benefits students and hosts:
  • We provide students with confidence before their departure and after their arrival. Before their departure, we provide them with a written description of their hosts and their accommodation. After their arrival, we meet with them in person, to help them further adjust to Canadian culture and provide them such support as is necessary to make their homestay experience successful.
  • With agencies in thirty-five countries and long standing relationships with leading independent schools and School Boards, we provide our hosts with access to a wide variety of students. At the same time, our experience over the years helps us to give our hosts the perspective, resources and support required to make their homestay experience successful. As part of this support, we schedule periodic workshops with hosts, to update homestay program requirements and improve our collective capabilities.