Quarantine diaries – Koharu Terada

Hi, everyone. My name is Koharu and I’m from Japan. I’m going to write about my life in Canada since the school closed. To begin with, even though school is closed, I have many things to do such as online class and assignment from each class. Some classes I’m taking are difficult, but teachers and my host family help me when I have some problem. Secondly, I did many activities with my host family. For example, making pasta, cooking, baking, walking, cycling, watching some movies, doing some grocery shopping and having tea. As I told you, I did many activities with my host family even in this quarantine and every store is closed. Thanks to my host family because I never feel alone. Thirdly, during this quarantine, I found some new hobbies. It is to read a book when I wake up in the morning and do some exercise and stretch after I had breakfast and before I sleep at night. I think these new hobbies are good for my mental health because both can relax very much. All in all, I know this pandemic is a very hard time for everyone and I hope this will finish as soon as possible. I think the most important thing is to live positively. Thank you for reading my short writing.

— Koharu

Koharu baking