COVID-19 Agent FAQs

[ Last Update 30-June-20 11:00 a.m. (PDT) ]

Please note that protocols for COVID-19 prevention and treatment are prescribed by governments at the local, provincial and nation levels in Canada. CHN is bound by these policies and they’re at the root of our approach to keeping students healthy and safe.

To get the latest facts on COVID-19 in Canada, please take a moment to review the Public Health Agency of Canada’s website:


If students who are already in Canada choose to travel home for the summer, there is currently no guarantee they will be able to return to Canada due to the following possibilities:

    • Border closures
    • Issues getting study permits renewed; and
    • Ability to satisfy “Safe Arrival Procedure” requirements

For these reasons, we recommend that students continue to stay in Canada in anticipation of the fall semester. To keep their options open with minimal financial risk or impact, it might help to know that:

    1. Students considering staying in Canada this summer, who aren’t sure what want to do in September, can book and pay for July and August only
    2. If they cancel their booking before June 1, they will receive a full refund for both July and August. If they cancel between June 1-30, they will receive a refund for August only.
    3. After July 1, students must provide one month (30 days) notice to leave the program. This applies to the summer months and beyond.

As always, if students need to change their plans, we encourage them to consider deferrals instead of cancellations.

We have been in touch with all CHN students in Canada regarding this recommendation. If you have questions, please contact your Relationship Manager.


The current travel restrictions and quarantine requirements related to the COVID-19 pandemic have required CHN to consider options for students to quarantine (self-isolate) on arrival. Our new “Safe Arrival” Protocol outlines expectations of students throughout their journey – from before they leave, while they are en route, on arrival, and guidelines for quarantine (if required).

The protocol also provides guidelines, tips, and resources for hosts to consider when providing homestay during quarantine (if required). Students and their natural parents will also be required to sign this document as a condition of acceptance in the homestay program.

This protocol will be updated as more direction becomes available from the Government of Canada and student countries of origin.

Download and read CHN’s “Safe Arrival” Protocol.


We’ve updated our Special COVID-19 Refund Policy. Please note two versions.


In addition to maintaining host capacity levels in general, CHN is committed to re-matching all students whose hosts cancel or whose hosts are unavailable due to student overstays.

We continue to monitor the issue closely, including daily review of host / anticipated-student numbers in every CHN community, and will send immediate updates if your program is affected.


To help keep minor students safe during unexpected school closures, CHN has developed a “Student Check” system wherein at least once per WEEKDAY our staff will check in (by telephone) on the student’s well being. THIS IS AN OPT-IN SERVICE. Hosts are asked to visit and fill out the web form to sign-up.

Frequently Asked Questions

NOTE: These are high-level responses in a rapidly-changing situation. Our team is willing to work with you toward custom solutions to meet your specific needs. 

CHN Special Refund Policy: COVID-19

Download CHN Special Refund Policy: COVID-19

What if a student or anyone else in the homestay household shows symptoms of COVID-19?

Please follow instructions from the Public Health Agency of Canada: and inform your Relationship Manager of the outcome so we can assist in any way we can.

If you cannot reach your Relationship Manager, please call our emergency line at 1-877-441-4443 ext. 1.

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