Around the world in Quarantine!

Our host Beatriz Yamal (former educator and award-winning principal) has hosted with CHN since 2018 and is very dedicated to bringing joy to her students.  During this time of social/physical distancing when travel is hard to come by, she has tapped into her creative side and has been taking a ‘world tour’ in the culinary sense.   She enjoys Turkish coffee with students in her solarium, hops on over to Naples, Italy with fettuccine and special meatballs or makes a stopover to eat Shanghai chicken with eggplant.  It’s a different country every day! She believes that involving students in the kitchen through discovering different cultures and researching the geography and history of countries helps create a sense of family and community in the home.
The picture above shows her and her students enjoying a bit of fruit, salty peanuts and horsetail tea together with her in her solarium.

Passionate eye for food!

In Montreal, our student Joey  has discovered his new photography talents as a “food photographer”.  His host Orsola Lopez is a wonderful and accomplished chef who also spoils her students with dishes cooked from all over the world.  Here are a few pictures taken by Joey, posted on his instagram account, which depict not only the mouthwatering dishes but also his artistic eye.