The Christmas gift of a student’s visit

Andres came into our lives when my husband John and I decided to volunteer in the Canada Homestay Program in 2016.   Andres is from the very large Spanish city of Medellin in Columbia with 2.5 million people and had never experienced snow or cold before.  Fredericton has a population around 70,000 so it was a culture shock for Andres, along with trying to learn English.

He only stayed with us for 5 months but during that time we went on several trips within Canada. We even took Andres and another homestay student to Toronto to visit family there.  We bonded and shared our love for both music and photography while enjoying the beautiful countryside on the Saint John River in New Brunswick.

Andres and Carol stayed in touch and Andres returned for a 17-day visit for Christmas in 2018.  He is much more mature, and is now studying architecture in University.   He brought a beautiful scarf hand knitted by his mother, (red scarf in the picture) and told us he wants to come back again next Christmas!

Andres (age 17) and Carol by an ice sculpture in Fredericton

Andres’ recent visit with Carol, at age 19.