I Want to Change my Host Family

Homestay Questions

Host families are carefully selected and screened by the Canada Homestay Network. Your new host family will be selected based on the preferences you indicate on your application and what you communicate to your Relationship Manager. Students will not be able to see a list of available families.

Students cannot visit their host family prior to moving in.

You may be required to pay an additional fee to change your host family. Please consult your Relationship Manager.

Unless there is an emergency, you may have to wait several weeks before moving to a new host family. Selecting an appropriate family is a process that takes time, so please be patient. Your RM will discuss a timeline for relocation with you.

If you are an adult student, you will be asked to find transportation to your new host family. If you are a student attending high school, your new host family or Relationship Manager will arrange transportation for you.

Remember, a good homestay experience requires an open mind, patience, and clear communication. Moving to a new family can be stressful and tiring for both you and the host families. Often the reasons you’re unhappy with your host family can be resolved. It takes time to adjust to living with a new family. Be patient with yourself and them.

It depends – sometimes it should be your host, and sometimes your CHN Relationship Manager. In any case, please contact your CHN Relationship Manager (RM) to let us know what’s happening. Your RM will be happy to discuss any of your concerns about homestay with you. It is your Relationship Manager’s responsibility to help you.

Your Relationship Manager will discuss with you how and when to tell your host family. They may ask you to tell the family yourself but will help you with the process. In most cases, to be kind and respectful, your current host family deserves as much notice as possible. In fact, CHN’s contract with hosts requires you to give them at least two weeks notice. Please talk to your Relationship Manager if you have any concerns.

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