Holiday Cheer

The holidays are fast approaching, and almost all our students will be staying on in Canada.  For many, it will be their first time being involved in Christmas festivities – from putting up lights to decorating the Christmas tree and  exchanging gifts.  Our hosts in Montreal, Dianne and Blair, are hosting Avery, a student from Hong Kong and have shared some pictures of their holiday prep.
Dianne says she has to pinch herself because things are going so well.  They have 2 students in their homestay, and fortunately the girls get along extremely well, and have helped each other get through the isolation and lockdown period of the pandemic.   Despite the restrictions, the family has still managed to enjoy some seasonal activities such as apple picking and the leaves changing color in the Fall.   More recently, they have taken long drives to explore the province as well as just around the neighbourhood to see the Christmas lights in their neighbourhood.