A mother’s letter to a CHN Relationship Manager

Thank you for your letter. I’m Jiayi’s mother. Thank you so much for the things that you and your colleagues have done for my daughter. I was deeply moved by the careful and thoughtful service.

When I saw the sentence in your letter of “As a parent myself, I can understand the feelings” My tears nearly fell down. As you know, we have only one Child. I have a mixed feeling now. In one hand I hope the visa can be accepted soon. in the other hand I am also reluctant to let her go. So are the other relatives, especially her grandparents. Thus, after receiving your e-mail I can’t wait to tell them about it in order not to make them worried.

Though I have been waiting for the visa, I decided to book the flight on 26th Jan.

Sincerely yours,
Mrs. Zhou

Family hosting a student