Quarantine Diaries – Amy Zhan

“It is my pleasure to share my story about the wonderful experience in my host family. I have been with my host family for nearly three years. I spent around one year to integrate into the family and Canadian culture; we might have had little conflicts at the very beginning. But after that, my host family and I became really good friends (Probably I should say family. Honestly, they treat me like I am their daughter.) We traveled and had a small trip once or twice a year. This March Break, we spent three days in a cottage. That is an absolutely wonderful trip! Right now, we all stay at home during the quarantine. It is a lot more fun than I thought. My host mom taught me how to make quiches and knitting. We have some family activities almost every night, either playing cards or watching movies. By the way, there is another very important family member. She is my host mate. We lived and went to school together for two years. She is a such humorous girl, and usually brings a lot of fun to us. Also, she is one of my best friends in school, I usually share lots of secrets with her. I think it is my luck to meet them. That is a very great match! I believe I will continue to have a good time with them.”

– Chengyongyi (Amy) Zhan