Should I stay or should I go?

A bumpy start turned into a positive experience for a group of ten adult Mexican students coming to study at Coast Mountain College for one semester.  Flying from Mexico city to Terrace, BC via Vancouver, these students had only 90 minutes to make their connecting flight at 10:30 pm to Terrace, BC.  Rushing through as quickly as possible, they all made it through except for two students who were delayed at immigration.

Faced with a choice of continuing with their connecting flight or waiting for their two new friends, the group decided to stay and wait – even though the next flight out was at 8:30am the following morning.  Instead, they spent the night at the airport, making new friendships and getting to know each other.  Considering they did not know each other when they boarded the plane, this ended up being, as one of the students, Maria, put it, “quite the bonding experience!”

The students are part of the Mexico Mobility program, selected to study at Coast Mountain College for one semester.  Another 20 students from Mexico’s Proyecta 10000 group will be arriving in November for 4 weeks of study at the college, and we are looking for hosts in the area who would be interested in accommodating the adult students.

The group of ten students at their arrival at the airport, wearing tuques provided by the college.