Student Participation Agreement (PA)

Homestay is an important privilege and opportunity that provides enjoyment and other benefits, to students (“Participants”)  and their homestay hosts (“Homestay Hosts”) alike.  This Participation Agreement (“PA”) is designed  to clarify what is expected of Participants and their parents and/or guardian(s), confirm the commitment of the Participant and his/her parents and/or guardian(s)) to comply with this PA and to specify the consequences, in the unlikely event that the Participant or his/her parents and/or guardian(s) fail(s) to comply with this PA.


Whereas the Participant has completed the CHN International Participant Homestay Application (“HA”) and has received the CHN Homestay Program Payment Policy and Procedures which the Participant and his/her parents and/or guardian(s) hereby acknowledge that they have read, understand and are in agreement with), and in consideration of the provision of Homestay services by CHN, each of CHN, the Participant and his/her parents and/or guardian(s) agree as follows:


Each of the Participant and his/her parents and/or guardian(s) hereby:


  1. Acknowledges and agrees that the Participant’s HA, and all covenants, declarations, conditions and other terms and provisions therein, forms part of and is incorporated in this PA.
  2. Declares that the information given in the Participant’s HA is complete and correct to the best of their knowledge; and, further that incorrect or incomplete information represents a breach of this PA and is subject to the terms of paragraph F herein;
  3. Confirms that they have each read and agree to comply or to cause compliance, as the case may be, with the CHN Homestay Guide for International Students.
  4. Confirms, acknowledges and agrees that they have each read, understand and fully accept the CHN Homestay Program Payment Policy and Procedures, including cancellation and refund policies.
  5.  Agrees:
    1. to obey the laws of Canada;
    2. to refrain from bringing improper, objectionable, unsuitable or otherwise inappropriate or illegal substances or materials into the Homestay Host family home;
    3. to not use drugs or medication unless prescribed by a registered physician and labeled in English or French;
    4. to behave as a considerate and respectful member of the Homestay Host family by:
      1. accepting any Homestay Host, regardless of their race; national or ethnic origin; colour; religion; gender; age; mental disability; physical disability; and/or sexual orientation, all in accordance with applicable human rights legislation;
      2. making an effort to talk with and be part of the Homestay Host household (“Homestay Household”) and participate in their activities;
      3. helping in and around the Homestay household , accepting responsibility for reasonable jobs, including keeping his/her room clean, helping with the dishes and doing his/her own laundry;
      4. observing the Homestay Household rules, especially concerning the operation of any household appliances, fixtures, bathroom, laundry and other facilities (to limit the risk of injury or damage) and curfews;
      5. telling his/her Homestay Host where he/she is going and when he/she will be home, in the event that he/she intends to go out; and If he/she is likely to be late home, contacting and informing his/her Homestay Host(s);
      6. practicing regular and proper personal hygiene;
    5. when enrolled in an academic program of study, to remain in good academic standing, as defined by the school or school board/district;
    6. to meet with CHN representatives upon request, and no more than three (3) days following the request;
    7. to complete CHN evaluation forms and/or satisfaction surveys upon request;
    8. to pay for any and all expenses incurred by the Participant or on the Participant’s behalf (including but not limited to any losses or damages caused by the Participant, the Participant’s long distance telephone, cell phone, internet usage expenses and/or medical expenses); and
    9. to obtain and maintain in force adequate and valid medical, travel and liability insurance (including for sickness, personal injury, personal liability and personal property) and to provide CHN, upon request, with evidence satisfactory to CHN, of such insurance
    10. to not purchase or consume tobacco or alcoholic beverages;
    11. to not drive a motor vehicle or operate a motorcycle or motor scooter or other motorized form of transportation, including watercraft, unless as part of the school-based Driver’s Education Course and at the discretion of CHN; and to not purchase, rent or otherwise arrange for the use of any such object.
    12. to observe the CHN curfew of 6:00 on school nights, and on Fridays and Saturdays as follows: Grades 6-8: 9:30 p.m.; Grade 9: 10:00 p.m.; Grade 10: 11:00 p.m.; Grade 11: 11:30 p.m.; Grade 12: 12:00 p.m
    13. to provide CHN with timely access to any information concerning the Participant’s performance, behaviour and other experience at school including without limitation, course/subject selection, academic reports, correspondence, memoranda, assessments, test results and extra-curricular activities, as well as timely notice of and the right to attend any meetings, case conferences or interviews regarding him/her. The Participant and his/her parents and/or guardian(s) confirm that he/she/they consider the sharing of such information with and otherwise giving access to CHN is essential to the proper exercise of this PA and as such hereby declare that they, by executing this PA, give his/her/their consent under applicable privacy legislation in Canada to do so.
    14. To consent to the sharing by CHN or the Host with the school or school board with whom the Participant will be or has registered and its applicable personnel of Participant’s personal information.
  6. Acknowledges and agrees
    1. that in the event of a breach of this PA by the Participant and/or his/her parents and/or guardian(s), CHN reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to:
      1. notify the Participant and his/her parents and/or guardian(s) of the breach (by fax or email or telephone) and provide the Participant and his/her parents and/or guardian(s) with a specified time frame within which to remedy the breach to the satisfaction of CHN, failing which CHN may expel the Participant from the CHN International Participant Homestay Program (“Program”) and the Participant’s Homestay Household, on one (1) hour’s written notice, and terminate this PA; and/or
      2. relocate the Participant to another and final Homestay Household, at the expense of the Participant and his/her parents and/or guardian(s) and without refund of any unused and prepaid Homestay Host fees paid to the first Homestay Host(s); or
      3. expel the Participant from the Program and the Participant’s Homestay Household, on one (1) hour’s written notice, terminate this PA and notify Citizenship and Immigration Canada (“CIC”) of the expulsion (with the result that the Participant’s Study Permit or Visa may be revoked), and direct the Participant’s parents and/or guardian(s) to arrange for the Participant’s return home via the first available flight, at the Participant’s, and his/her parents’ and/or guardian’s(s’) risk and expense. The Participant’s parents and/or guardian(s) agree to make such arrangement for the Participant’s return home and take full responsibility for the care, custody and control of the Participant upon the Participant being expelled from the Program; and
    2. that the consequences of a breach of this PA by the Participant and/or his/her parents and/or guardian(s) (including but not limited to the consequences described in paragraph F herein) are without recourse to CHN, and its officers, directors, employees, representatives, agents and independent service providers (including but not limited to any Homestay Host(s) and transportation service provider(s)).
  7. Agrees that if CHN will be providing custodianship services to the student, then this PA is conditional upon the parents and/or guardian(s) of the Participant executing both a CIC form IMM 5646 custodianship declaration and CHN’s supplementary consent to custodianship (in the form required by CHN). CHN may immediately terminate this PA if CIC declares the form IMM 5646 to be invalid or terminated, or if the CHN supplementary consent to custodianship terminates in accordance with its terms.
  8. Agrees to reimburse CHN on demand, its fees and expenses related to any breach of this PA, including without limitation, legal fees and related costs.
  9. Waives, releases and absolves and agrees to indemnify and save harmless CHN, the school board in respect of which the Participant is registered and all of those respective officers, directors, trustees, employees, representatives, agents, consultants and independent service providers (including but not limited to the transportation service provider(s) selected for the Participant) from any and all liability for any and all of the actions, losses, damages and expenses (including, without limitation, the loss or theft of money, property damages or losses), personal injuries, or deaths, however caused.
  10. In accordance with applicable privacy laws, including those in force federally in Canada as well as in the province in which the homestay placement is located, and including regulations, decisions, orders, judgments and rulings or regulatory requirements addressing privacy issues and/or the collection, use, transfer or disclosure of personal information, consents to CHN’s collection, use, transfer or disclosure of the personal information which the Participant provides to CHN, and in connection therewith understands and agrees as follows:
  1. CHN collects personal information in order to:
    1. Match the Participant with Hosts in the CHN Homestay Program;
    2. Contact the Participant regarding meetings, changes to policies or to communicate any other important information pertaining to the CHN Homestay Program;
    3. Collect statistics for the sole use of CHN’s business development;
    4. Disclose pertinent details about the Participant to the selected Host with whom the Participant is matched, and occasionally third-party organizations that are also involved in the Participant’s stay in Canada. These organizations may include, but are not limited to, schools, school boards, placement agencies and tour companies.
  1. Should the Participant withdraw his/her consent for CHN to collect, use, transfer or disclose their personal information, his/her personal information will be removed from CHN’s electronic system and all hard copies of their information will be destroyed, with the exception of that information required by related Government bodies for tax purposes.
  2. The Participant has a right to see the personal information that CHN holds, and the Participant agrees to correct any inaccuracies in such personal information.

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