A student’s letter to her host mother

Hi, mom.

Here is Chai. Thanks to the Xmas, I have a chance to send you my blessings: Merry Christmas, and wish you happiness, younger, and healthy forever!!! Living in Ottawa almost two months, I seldom get homesick, because you offer a virtual family settings to me, ranging from friendly smiles, delicious food and timely helps to meticulous care. Therefore, I must admit that I am a lucky guy. Thank you, mom! Although I will move out of your house next month, I hope we can keep contact with each other for the future, and I wish I can have chances to help you to empty the dishwasher or do housework. I will forever remember the valued time with you. To be honest, I have treated you as my real mom in my heart. I know you will fly to U.S. tomorrow, so wish you have good days in California.

Kind regards,


Family hosting a student