Baia Baia, - Eastern Canada

“Jennifer returned to CHN mid 2019 after her maternity leave. She has joined our Host Concierge team in an effort to provide prompt and quality service to those interested in hosting. Previously, from 2017 to 2018 she was a Relationship Manager in the Guelph area.

Jenn spent 8 years living abroad in Northern Brazil. Three of those years with a non-profit as the leader of a team that worked with youth and adults living on the streets. Her remaining time in Brazil was spent teaching at a local American school that had students from all over the world.

Before moving to Brazil Jenn spent a year living with a Brazilian family in Toronto where she was fully immersed in the Portuguese language. She has since become fluent in the language. Jenn and her Brazilian husband are immersing their 3 daughters in both English and Portuguese. Because of her time living overseas she is able to empathize with those facing the ups and downs of living in a new culture while learning a different language.”