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The Canada Homestay Network (CHN) is Canada’s largest private and independent homestay management organization with more than 25 years of successful experience in international student hospitality. 


CHN connects with students and their Canadian hosts before they meet. The application and matching process helps pair students to the right host the first time. CHN is also committed to coordinating new student-host pairings, without dispute, if necessary.


Canada Homestay Network (CHN) hosts are carefully screened, including reference checks, criminal record checks and interviews. This process is reflected in the high standards and best practices recommended by educators and professional associations across Canada.


CHN provides students and their hosts with 24/7/365 first-language support. CHN team members are trained and dedicated professionals who celebrate the cultures and languages of our students and understand the excitement and stress of travelling and living abroad.


CHN fees are less expensive than most on- and off-campus options and often include meal plans and amenities like laundry facilities and WiFi.

Who We Are, What We Do

Our Team

CHN is a not-for-profit organization with decades of experience in Canadian international education programs. Like our educator clients and hosts, we’re motivated by the common good—how homestay benefits students, host families and communities. We’re inspired by the ways that homestay provides students with the opportunity to discover their potential.

Our Hosts

CHN’s carefully-screened hosts are committed to including students in meaningful family time including meals, conversations and excursions. That means immersion in Canadian culture and many more opportunities to learn practical English. CHN trains and supports our hosts through ongoing orientations, educational resources, and social events.

Flexible Services

  • Facilitated homestay application process with online access to key forms in multiple languages.
  • Carefully-screened host families through our comprehensive due diligence process, which involves interviews, reference checks and criminal record checks.
  • Host/student matching process that considers the preferences and requests of both the student and the host.
  • Matches are confirmed with host pictures and residence location map.
  • Personal support including custodianship.
  • Greeting and orientation services on arrival including tips on how to make the most of each student’s Canadian experience.
  • Regular follow-ups with each student and their host to determine if they require any special assistance.
  • 24/7 first-language support for emergencies and other needs.

Fees & Conditions

CHN fees reflect the investment we have made in our superior network of experienced and professional homestay experts across Canada. We are committed to serving the interests of our students and educational clients, and to providing you with the best value.

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  • What types of people are CHN homestay hosts?

    Like many Canadians, our hosts have different cultural backgrounds and lifestyles. Many host families are traditional two-parent families, while others are single-parent families, older couples with grown children who don’t live at home and single women, who are just as dedicated to the well-being of their homestay students as they are to their own families.

  • Is help available whenever students need it?

    Yes, students and hosts have access to CHN support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can count on us to help you whenever you need us.

  • How close are homestays from schools?

    Proximity to schools can differ from community to community, but CHN strives to ensure homestays are no more than 45 minutes travel time by public transit, including walking, from partner schools. In peak seasons, such as the summer in Toronto, the travel time may be extended to 60-70 minutes.

  • What is CHN's business model?

    CHN is a not-for-profit organization with more than 25 years experience in Canada’s international education sector. Like educators, agencies and hosts, CHN is motivated by the common good—how homestay benefits students, host families and the communities that students study in. Fees and host allowances cover the common-sense costs in order to help ensure a successful experience for everyone.