CHN Refund Policy and Procedures

The Canada Homestay Network Society (CHNS) Refund Policy and Procedures reflect our promise to be equitable, fair, and reasonable in alignment with our corporate vision and values.

Being equitable means that we recognize and account for the impact that cancellations have on our community of hosts, students, agents, and school partners. Being fair means that Service, Cancellation, Penalty, and Withdrawal Fees are intended to recover costs and to compensate hosts for lost time and missed opportunities, not to add profit – CHNS is a not-for-profit enterprise. Being reasonable means that we continually explore ways to improve our policies and procedures and to reduce refund-related service fees through more efficient and user-friendly systems.

To obtain refunds for unused, prepaid homestay fees or security deposits, please:

  1. Review the CHNS Refund Policy and Procedures
  2. Request your secure refund link by emailing the accounting team with your student information (full name and date of birth) at

Thank you in advance for your kind understanding and cooperation.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please email