Zaytseva Zaytseva, - Eastern Canada

“Lilia joined our team in  2017. After graduating from Rostov-on-Don Pedagogical University (Russia), Lilia started a very exciting career as a Russian-English translator/interpreter. Working as an interpreter provided her lots of opportunities to work with different people:businessmen who went to explore Russia after Perestroika; curious tourists who wanted to experience the Russian art, history, and culture; and British consultants who assisted Russian government in the mining industry.

Immigrating to Canada became a new stage for Lilia to embrace new cultures, exciting opportunities, and different life experience. After working for more than 20 years in the translation industry, Lilia started her own translation agency, Universum Translation & Consulting. One of Lilia’s dreams is to share her professional experience with educational international organization, and this opportunity came. Lilia is happy to join CHN as an organization which eliminates educational and cultural barriers among people and contributes to the educational growth and personal development.”