Mintz Mintz, - Eastern Canada

“Lynda joined the CHN team in 2017 as a Relationship Manager. She completed her Bachelor of Commerce degree at St. Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1999. She lived and worked in a few major cities in Canada in both the East Coast and West Coast as a Marketing Manager for professional service firms. In 2000, she made the decision to move to Scotland as she had always wanted to live and work abroad, and to travel. She continued with her professional services career for a few years before deciding to venture out on her own in the world of Real Estate. Lynda continued to travel and explore many more countries where she became inspired and captivated by all the different cultures and the friends she made.

In 2009, Lynda moved back to Canada with her two rescue dogs where she adopted a third dog upon her return. She continued her entrepreneurial side by starting her own business. She also became a foster parent as she thoroughly enjoys working with kids and their families. She has been actively involved with the local school system and the many other professional resources available in her community. Lynda’s passion comes from growing up in a family that opened her heart and her mind to other cultures through family vacations in different countries. Her parents also fostered kids when she was young and she always wants to provide that same level of care and commitment in her own community. That’s why CHN is the perfect fit!”